I created this sleeping bag in 5th grade for science camp. We were required to bring one and I didn’t own one myself, so I thought why not sew one instead? My parents thought I was crazy. I was relatively new to sewing and had only made bags and small objects at that point. I did a lot of online research, as I did with any other sewing project since I was self-taught, and what do you know, there’s not that much info on the internet about how to sew a sleeping bag. Determined, I drew myself diagrams on graph paper and did a lot of math trying to figure out dimensions and yardage. As for fabric, it was just me and 10 yards of duck cloth, ripstop nylon, heat reflective material, fleece, and batting. Pushing that thing through the sewing machine was insane. In the end, I had (dare I say) the prettiest sleeping bag at camp. It was surprisingly warm for winter in the mountains, and remains one of my favorite projects to date. It was featured in the San Jose Mercury News in May 2016 when I was on the cover of their community divisions as a newly-published, 14 year-old fashion designer and author of the teen sewing book “#OOTD Sew and Style: Make Your Dream Wardrobe with Angela.”