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  • 20170105_114017
    Young Crafter

Speak for the Trees

January 8, 2017|

After watching The Lorax, Jaden decided he wanted to paint. First he painted the butterflies, then he asked for a canvas and painted tree trunks inspired [...]

  • pinewood_e_race_r
    Young Crafter


January 7, 2017|

Trevor (age 9) designed and made this eraser-themed car for his Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. Adults supervised him, but he did all of the cutting, shaping, [...]

  • Js-Jewelry
    Young Crafter

J’s Jewelry

January 6, 2017|

After learning to sew, paint, and sculpt, my son (11) decided he wanted to try jewelry making last summer. These are his first products - a [...]

  • IMG_66871
    Young Crafter

Aztec Sleeping Bag

January 5, 2017|

I created this sleeping bag in 5th grade for science camp. We were required to bring one and I didn’t own one myself, so I thought [...]

  • IMG_4212
    Young Crafter

Lapel Jumpsuit

January 5, 2017|

This is a jumpsuit I designed to wear to Silicon Valley Fashion Week which was held in San Fransisco back in October. I wanted to create [...]

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