Migratory is a quilt that I finished in the Fall of 2016. It was made to celebrate the release of the 2017 Kona Color of the Year, a special solid cotton made by Robert Kaufman Fabrics that is only available for one year. The 2017 color is called Flamingo Pink, and I was asked to design a quilt where that color would be the focal point. I chose to use primarily that color in the composition, and I paired it with a paler pink and a creamy white.

The construction of the quilt is made with half-square triangles, a traditional quilting design element, and I paired those with squares and rectangles to create the pattern. The circular arrangements of those triangles reminded me of migrating birds, hence the name, Migratory.

I’ve written the pattern for this project, and it is available as a free download on the fabric manufacturer’s website. It is my original design, and I finished the quilt entirely by myself, as well. .I pieced the front and back of the quilt, and quilted it with organic figure-eight lines running along the width of the quilt, placed roughly two inches apart. The binding of the quilt is machine sewn to ensure strength, as my quilts are always made to be used.