In my opinion, modern man has lost himself in the middle of nowhere, in which violence governs. Hence, I elaborate this by creating hollow space as well as sociological features in my collages, the perfect technique to show meanings of modern world. So, I was looking for common “collective memory” that could give the same meaning for everyone; memories would pass nationality and cultural boundaries throughout the world. Violence, loneliness and vanity are subjects which everyone faces in his/her life, nowadays.
I’ve illustrated the tragedies of modern world by highlighting them, while there is vague past in background. My works reject an explicit explanatory strategy. I offer to the viewer a key to find personal interpretations to the feelings that I’ve conveyed into my collages.
My own psychological make-up, extremely, determines the nuances of tones I decide to use in my collages. I’ve developed a painting’s texture by representing the conflicting relationship between content and form.