Now that the holidays are over, our bay window area was looking a little sparse so I decided a little more greenery couldn’t hurt! These blue jean planters are just the thing to tide me over until spring arrives and I can garden outdoors again!

It all starts with a trip to my local second hand store to purchase gently used jeans, an oval container and shoes. Then I add in some 2×3’s, scrap ¼” plywood and concrete mix left over from building my craft studio to literally build it from the ground up.

Legs are cut from the 2×3’s and then screwed onto an oval platform that’s cut out of the ¼” plywood. The assembly is then inserted into the shoes and concrete mix is poured in and allowed to harden. Once the concreted is dry, the platform is unscrewed so the jeans can be added and then reattached. The oval container sits on top of the platform and can be planted with anything suitable to the light conditions in the home. The ‘construction man’ planter is usually located in a dark hallway, so that one got a faux ivy treatment. The little tyke in the middle of the grouping is growing basil which we use year round in recipes and the one on the far left is an arrangement of different flowering plants and greenery. As a collection, it really brightens up any window until spring has sprung again!