This necklace has been made out of love! It is a necklace set that will match just about any wedding dress and can then be worn on future special days. The center stones are White Mountain Jade. This natural stone has small ‘sparkles’ and ‘flacks’ in it. It is an elegant and beautiful stone. Each stone or Swarovski Crystal was framed separately and then put together to form this wearable piece of art. The sections used to connect the framed pieces was purposely made to show the ‘skin’ of the bride through the necklace. It gives a very delicate and lacy look.

Each frame around the Stones and Swarovski Crystals is made without any backing or glue. Using 11o – 15o beads (this means there are between 11 – 15 beads per inch) I actually build the frame around each center and tighten it up as I go. Then the ‘fringe’ is added around each center before it is connected together. The findings – on all pieces – are sterling silver and will be wonderful to wear through the years!