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Best projects made out of wood.

  • Woodworking

Maple Gown

December 8, 2016|

This formal gown is made of figured Maple veneer.  Clad with 1380 lacquered wood scales supported by a veneer harness sewn onto fabric, it allows ample movement and flow for a [...]

  • Woodworking


December 6, 2016|

This adorable lil mustached cephalopod is made entirely out of recycled skateboards and skateboard hardware! Using only basic hand tools, he was crafted in Philadelphia from [...]

  • Woodworking


November 30, 2016|

This is an assemblage made up of recycled wooden pieces, boxes and frames, birds and animals, and a few little paintings. It was inspired by my [...]

  • Woodworking

Torch Singer.

November 28, 2016|

In the process of my work on the creation of wooden sculptures accumulate a lot of scraps of wood of various configurations. This sculpture of Eve [...]

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