Are you a crocheter or knitter and tired of chasing your yarn around the floor or fighting it out of a basket? Well, not anymore. I crochet and have had to chase my yarn around the sofa and also had to fight my cat for my yarn, LOL!! I came up with the Yarn O’ Matic to solve those issues. It clamps to any table up to 3″ in depth. It is very portable – you can take it to ball parks and mount it on the bleachers, mount it on your rocking chair on your porch, or bring it anywhere! No need to wind the yarn onto the rod, just slide your skein onto the rod and start crocheting or knitting – easily change yarn colors! It will even hold a few crochet hooks! It easily “dispenses” the yarn to your crochet/knit speed! It will not damage furniture if installed properly.
These are handmade in NOLA with the highest quality materials!
Take caution with rod – can damage skin or eyes if walked into!
Yarn not included.