Created from thrifted books, sculpted book pages, hand cut papers and assorted findings, The Story of the Sleeping Beauty is a three hundred sixty degree decorative art piece, depicting the tale of Aurora and Maleficent. This one of a kind art creation features a tiny princess’ cradle with canopy, a miniature spinning wheel, hand drawn and cut silhouette images of Aurora and Maleficent, mounted onto tiny canvases, and hung on the outer cover of a handpainted book. The front of the piece features and hand cut, painted and glittered dragon, the manifestation of Maleficent’s anger, while the top of the piece is a storybook come to life; from the pages of an open volume spill curled sheets of book pages, and a hand cut and crafted castle, complete with paper vines and tiny paper flowers. The creation is embellished with a silk floral vine, adorned with pink roses. This unique decorative art piece is one of eight in a series, created as party centerpieces for an event with a fairytale theme.