This Layette Set is featuring the Flint Design and is pictured in white with Purple Edges and Lavender Flint Design. The center of the blanket is ‘white on white’ which means it is the same design ‘Flint’ in an embossed effect. Darlene likes to offer this ‘edge style’ blanket with the all white center so it keeps our special baby as the main accent in the middle, surrounded by the colorful ‘edges’. Then the Cap and Booties top off the accents by being in the edge colors which are purple and lavender in our sample.
American Indian designs knit into clothing is unique to our site. We have various Native American designs that reflect the Hoopa Indian basket hat designs.
Darlene Marshall is our Featured Native Artisan. She is a registered member of the Hupa Tribe and lives on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California — the headbands and beanie caps in different tribal patterns are particularly popular.