While working in a chilly office, I thought, “how do I keep my hands warm while being able to code comfortably?”. I’m a developer by day and crafter at all other times :p It hit me one day – make some wristwarmers! I knit myself a pair with a pattern I made up and some nice wool yarn. These became my go to gloves while working at my desk. A few friends were interested in making their own pair so I wrote up a pattern and shared it on my blog as a free knitting pattern. Later, I wanted to modify the design so it would be a cute Valentine’s Day or any occasion gift. I’d seen knit hats with tiny hearts so I adopted this style into my wristwarmer pattern. And hence, the Hearts Wristwarmers were born! They’re now one of my favorite things to make for friends and loved ones. This modified pattern is also free on my website so I can share my work and hope others will make a pair too!