Inspired by the sea and sand of a cruise to the Caribbean Islands, my necklace features over 100 handcrafted silk beads, Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls and vintage looking charms and chain. I start with white silk and apply many types of fabric surface designs using paints, foils and dyes to create one of a kind fabric beads. Making fabric beads can be quite addictive. It’s fun to have the freedom to create any color pallet you want and turn them into wearable art simply by using fab jewelry components such as crimps, chain, beading wire and jump rings!

I’ve used commercial fabrics to make the beads and they also turn out great, but my fave are these customized silks. The piece ends up being super lightweight because the beads weigh next to nothing! You can also make a scaled down version for everyday wear to work or out with your BFF.

I love to include personalized symbolism in my jewelry and this piece has spirals symbolizing the circle of life and butterflies symbolizing rebirth and freedom.

Kristal Wick