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  • Pix

Buffalo Bubblegum

December 1, 2016|

Linda has created a way to make perfect New York Beauty blocks using just ONE pin. This quilt incorporates the basic New York Beauty block into [...]

  • wcs_dragonflydance_darkbgkd

Dragonfly Dance

November 26, 2016|

Dragonfly Dance is the second design in my insect series. I was inspired by my friend Susan, an enthusiast of nature and dragonflies, as she was [...]

  • IMG_0341


November 25, 2016|

Inspired by Trevor Wayne's popressionism piece from his Horror Banana series. (with permission)

  • 22549349437_47400938c8_z

Around the World quilt

November 23, 2016|

I have really had fun with this scrappy applique method, which I also used in my Indiana quilt and Tennessee quilt! I was inspired by the [...]

  • IMG_0304


November 22, 2016|

Created the day after David Bowie left the planet, inspired by an artwork. The quote was something that resonated heavily.

  • D8F7BFBF-F8A2-49A7-B4C9-9686A867E89E

Where My Demons Hide

November 22, 2016|

This piece was created from my own hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced and machine appliquéd. It was machine quilted by Karen McTavish. It was inspired and [...]

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