If you expected the duct tape crafts section to be just wallets and roses, get ready to see some amazing accessories and works of art. The nominations ranged from clever iPhone speakers to works inspired by artistic greats such as Roy Lichtenstein and Pablo Picasso. Behold this year’s duct tape finalists:

Tena – Peacock Costume
Handmania – Duct Tape Sewing Form
Second Chances by Susan – Duct Tape Shopping Bag
Kerry Mott – Windy City
Sam Weinberg – Duct Tape Picasso
Julianne Shipley – Shawn Mendes
Ericka McClure – Dr. Who Canvas
Lance Delao – Lichtenstein Eyes
Liam – T Swift
Baylee Chavez – Christmas Wreath

Special Thanks to ShurTech Duck Tape for sponsoring the Duct Tape Crafts Section.

The winners will be announced during a livestream on Feb. 12, 2017 at 4 p.m. ET. Interested in attending the event in NYC? RSVP here.