This year’s sewing finalists display the amazing applications for a needle and thread: from an ornate horse show jacket to a fun, ride-on horse toy, from a beautiful wedding dress to bride and groom dolls. With so many great entries, picking the finalists can be as tricky as threading a needle. Here they are:

Juliana Yasmine – Desert Sage
Hajira Chaudhary – South Asian Embroidered Patchwork Bath Collection
Cassie Stephens – Eyeball Dress
Halina Tepper – Beaded Sea Serpent
Durelle Greene – Rivals
Linda Johnson – Horse Show Jacket
Heather Lou – Closet Case Patterns
Kimberly Andert – Grey Lady
Karen Payton – Tune In
Rena Dearden – Ginger Fire Mustang Stick Horse

The winners will be announced during a livestream on Feb. 12, 2017 at 4 p.m. ET. Interested in attending the event in NYC? RSVP here.