Refurbished dresser by Chica and Jo

The nominations for The Craftys Home Decor category often have always has unexpected wonders. Projects can range from small, decorative home accents to sturdy furniture sets. And then there are the pieces you never would have imagined.


Submission by Chica  and Jo

The backbone of room decor is, naturally, furniture. Refurbished pieces, given a fresh coat of paint and a new life, is an easy and eco-friendly way to make DIY decor. Chica and Jo, a maker-duo with a website dedicated to all things crafty, have submitted two refurbished furniture submissions; one dining set and one dresser photographed here. The right paint and decorative additions can make something old look inventive.

Sometimes upcycling calls for the use of unconventional materials. Who would think to use pistachio nut shells to create a beautiful holiday wreath? Kelli Stradling of K’s Craft Shack did, and the results are astounding! What kind of unexpected materials will crafters think up next?

A room’s paint job often is an overlooked aspect of decor. One mother went above and beyond. Artist Kristin La Flamme created a full room mural for her teenage daughter’s bedroom. That’s right, this mural spans four walls! She painted the mural in an anime style (which was requested), depicting a natural landscape.


La Flamme’s full room mural

The Home Decor category has a lot of opportunity for interpretation. Keep the submissions for this category, and all others coming! We can’t wait to see them all.

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