Remember back in middle school when everyone seemed to have duct tape wallets? Things have come a long way since then; people now are using duct tape to make just about everything from prom dresses to picture frames, even jewelry. If you know how to turn a simple role of duct tape into a work of art, then we want to see your creations!

We are proud to introduce another new category for The Craftys 2016: Duct Tape Crafts, sponsored by Duck Tape.

For this new category, we encourage you to go bigger than the old, duct tape wallet. You can enter or nominate any craft yoduct-tape-picu can imagine, as long as it’s made from duct tape! If you’re new to duct tape crafting, we have a few suggestions for you. Create a design from various colors, and place them on a canvas to make fun and unique wall art. You can even use duct tape to make colorful and inventive necklaces and bracelets. Get an early start on your holiday decor by making Christmas ornaments and garlands. Visit Duck Brand‘s website for further inspiration. They even have numerous tutorials for all skill levels. We can’t wait to see all of your duct tape creations.