We’re excited to introduce a brand new award for The Craftys 2016: the Baby Crafts category sponsored by Red Heart Yarns. If you’re an avid maker of crafts for the little ones in your life, we encourage you to nominate yourself. If you know of any great crafters in this category, please, nominate them as well. Crafts of all varieties are welcome in this category, so get creative! If you’re still looking for inspiration, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

Some of the most common crafts for babies are knitted and crocheted booties, hats, mittens, and other apparel to keep the baby warm and cozy. If you love to crochet and knit, these projects will be quick, fun and easy.

Looking for a bigger project? Hand sewn onesies or screen-printed designs make great submissions as well.8854971547678

There are many other great other great submission ideas we’d love to see. People have been “crafting” wooden cribs, and bassinets for their babies since the beginning of time. Whether you made your baby’s crib yourself (and yes, made from scratch, not just assembled from Ikea) or received the ultimate gift from one of your maker friends, we want to see it. Even small woodworking feats are welcome, like mobiles or keepsake boxes.

We’re excited to see everything that this new category has to offer.