Wondering how you can be a part of The Craftys 2016?

Nominate Your Fave Creator on The Craftys Home Page!

On November 14, 2016, The Craftys nomination period opened with this year’s slate of categories. While we cover the most popular types of DIY and crafts (sewing, knitting, crochet, home decor), we also try new ones. Plus we have a General Crafts category that often includes some of the best work!

This is your chance to toast a maker who deserves to celebrated. Maybe it’s a woodworker who’s creations are never seen outside of her garage or a painter who makes amazing images few people ever see. This is your chance to show he or she is award-worthy.

Nominate Yourself!

Do you make amazing hats, origami sculptures or indescribable projects that aren’t easily categorized? We want to see them! Upload images and details about your work to The Craftys site and many of them will not only get shared on The Craftys’ social media accounts, but many will also appear on the accounts created by our judges and partners.

Sponsor The Craftys!

There are numerous ways for companies to get involved The Craftys and reach a passionate, young audience of creators and their fans! Pas years of the awards have had almost 500,000 votes. We incorporate sponsors into The Craftys’ newsletters, giveaways, videos and live event.

Have questions? You can email info@thecraftys.com.