How did you get started crafting?

I’ve always been crafty! Most kids are crafty but then grow out of it or stop doing crafty things. I just never stopped. My art has changed over the years, of course, from drawing, to scrapbooking, to painting shoes, to just crafting in general.

What’s your favorite medium or mediums and why?

My main medium has always been drawing. As a kid I doodled on anything, and I still do. I feel the need to draw what I see, to preserve it, and be inspired by it. I love drawing with pencils, markers or crayons, and painting with watercolors. My mediums don’t stop there though as I also use felt, fabric, papers, embellishments and also do photography.

How long did it take you to make the mural in your aunt’s basement?

I spread it out over the 2 weeks that I was there visiting. It took a couple of days for the base coats to dry, then I sketched a general idea out with a pencil. I spent the next couple of weeks just working on it here and there, spending a couple of hours a day on it.

What was your aunt’s reaction?

She loved it. Although I’ve always wanted to paint a mural, This gnome mural was actually my Aunt’s idea. She is an author and loves fantasy, so I wanted to make it magical. There is also a lot of custom details to it. She recently mentioned that she never tires of it, and it makes going into the cellar much more fun.

What are some of the favorite reactions you’ve received from your work?

I’m not sure about favorites, but I often get told how creative I am. People tell me they love my perspective of things.

How would you describe the focus of Punk Projects? Why did you start the site?

I started the site as a place just to share my recent art with my friends and family. It has grown a ton in the past six years, and is now so much more. I still share my art there, but I also want to share my love of crafting and show people how to make awesome thngs!

How would you describe a great craft?

In my opinion, a great craft is anything you finish and are happy about! If you enjoyed creating it, than it was a great craft!